Which is Better, Gym or Home Workout?

March 10, 2018

 home workout

The other day I left work in a rush and drove at a break neck speed as if I was driving an ambulance on my way to save someone.

Well, I’m not a doctor and I do not drive an ambulance. I was rushing to the gym since I have resolved to get really ripped this year. I was hoping to beat traffic and get to my local gym on time. But guess what, nature has a way of conspiring against my plans. There was so much traffic on this day and I just had to shelve my gym workout plans.

Sounds familiar? I thought so.

So what did I do? I went home, got my skipping rope and skipped till my legs were almost sore. Once I was warm, I did some push-ups, ab rollouts and squats. I did four sets, with each set ranging between 10 and 80 reps.

Actually the traffic got me so pissed off that I have kept off my local gym and nowadays I have stuck to my home fitness routines.

But what is the difference between working out at home and working out at the gym?

Gym vs Home Workouts

  1. At home it is possible to workout at any time unlike at the gym where it will be open only during certain hours of the day.
  2. For home workouts involving equipment you have to invest and buy the pieces of equipment. However, you will not pay any fee to exercise from home. At the gym you do not have to worry about buying such products but you’ll have to periodically pay a certain fee to use the facility.
  3. At home you’ll easily stick to your schedule because you’re not sharing your space or equipment unlike at the gym where someone else might be using the machine you intend to use.


It is very difficult to say which is better between gym and home workouts. It will boil down to personal preferences. For me, exercising at home is my best option. Luckily a site like Home Fitness Arena gives me ideas on what to buy for my home gym and provides some fitness tips.

Discover the Benefits of clips on Sunglasses

January 16, 2018

Vast research shows that about 10% of students worldwide wear prescription/ corrective glasses. Prescription eyewear is a necessity to individuals with eye problems.   Besides enhancing clarity, they lead to dramatic vision improvement by facilitating the healing process in some eye problems. However, there are obvious limitations that are associated with corrective glasses.  For example, their use is a huge challenges for individuals who cannot perform their daily activities effectively without sunglasses. Since sunglasses are also associated with numerous benefits, eyewear companies invented clip-on sunglasses to help the users of corrective glasses. The move is a huge benefits particular to students because of lifestyle reasons.

Clip-on sunglasses are defined as eye protection devices that are clipped onto corrective eyewear.  Accordingly, they do not limit the use of prescription eyewear. Just like other forms of sunglasses, clip-on sunglasses are easy to acquire. They are readily available over-the-counter in most eyewear retail shop. The main factors that differentiate them from ordinary sunglasses is the user instructions, overall design and functionality.  The designs of clip-on sunglasses’ lenses differ significantly to suit a wide range of individual styles.

clip on sunglasses

The primary benefit of clip-ons is to protect the eyes from excess sunlight. Both direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays are dangerous to the eyes. Over-exposing eyes to the sung can lead to diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and pterygium. All these diseases affect vision and they can worsen existing eye problems. UV rays are mainly linked to photokeratitis. They can also facilitate the development of eye cancer. Polarized clip on sunglasses block glare. Glare, which is also known as reflected light is extremely damaging to the eyes.  It also increases cases of accidents during night driving. Some clip-ons enhance clarity especially during outdoor activities such as driving, fishing, and cycling. Overall, clip-on sunglasses provide increased convenience. The fact that they are attached to the rim of protective eyewear means that users derive double benefits. Furthermore, they are quite affordable.

Benefits of Having the Best Jump Starter For Your Car

December 6, 2017

Cars, like any other machinery, are super convenient and reliable but they can be quite frustrating sometimes. Imagine you are in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden your car breaks down.  There are so many reasons why your car battery becomes flat and will not have the enough power to start your engine say bad weather, a light was left on or a faulty charging system. As a wise man would put it always be prepared for the unexpected. Because of these unexpected scenarios then a portable emergency jump starter is what you need.

Here is how a portable jump starter benefits you:

Unlike the booster cables where you have to get another car to use as the host vehicle, a portable jump starter is convenient. This way, you’re able to get yourself out of a bad situation especially if you are in an unfamiliar area or stranded at night. This device also ensures that you are safe since you can give your car the boost it needs as quickly as possible and leave.

Imagine you have a deadline to meet, a very important appointment or a patient who needs urgent medical attention and your car won’t start. Having a jump starter could save you a lot of time or even someone’s life during such situations that mean life and death.

When using a booster cable, the positioning of the vehicles is very important. The host vehicle has to be close enough for the booster cables to reach your car’s battery.  With a portable jump starter, you don’t have to worry about where or how your car is parked as it is both small and lightweight and since you can jump start your car without another car’s assistance.

With these cables, you’re required to make two sets of connections; one for your car and the other for the host vehicle. This can be dangerous for the both of you because if there are gases present it could cause an explosion due to the sparks the connection may produce. All these can be avoided by using a jump starter since only one connection is needed and there is no risk of reversal connections.

Using booster cables could cause damage to the electronic components of either of the vehicles in use which can then be very expensive. Since a jump starter eliminates the need for a host vehicle and two sets of connections, you avoid the risk of accidentally damaging your vehicle or the others person’s vehicle.

The world is evolving and technology is too. With today’s sophisticated vehicles, using booster cables has become risky. This is due to the noise being transferred from the host to the disabled vehicle. This can cause voltage spikes which can often damage sensitive electronic components of your vehicle. All these concerns can be avoided by using a jump starter.


In this modern era, cars are a very essential part of our lives and with the changing technology, a jump starter is very reliable and powerful. It could be a life saver and it gives you peace of mind that wherever you are and your car battery dies, you can jump start it yourself. All you need to do is keep it charged and maintain it so that when you need it, it is ready to go.

Remember to check out this guide on the best lithium ion jump starter reviews on Autoptical.

[UPDATE 2018] Has anyone tried phenq? Is it Worth it

November 9, 2017

‘Has you ever tried phenq? Is it worth it? I am Jane and I work out in my home gym. I was looking for a supplement to help me lose weight faster. Is phenq any good?”

That was the email that I received from Jane.

When you are looking for weight loss pills, you are looking for something that is effective and will offer you value for your money. Unfortunately, the Internet today is laden with fake reviews and products as marketers try to sell you placebos and pills that will cause adverse side effects. It is increasingly becoming difficult to find out the best weight loss pills that is FDA approved, affordable and will work in the shortest time possible. You however need no worry since we have got one that will get you the best results that you could ever dream of. Phenq weight loss pills is the way to go.

Ingredients in the phenq weight loss pills

The phenq pills are made with the following:

-Calcium Carbonate : helps in maintaining an optimal body weight

-Chromium Piccolinate: suppresses your sugar and carb cravings

-Caffeine: keeps you active as well as help in thermogenesis

-Nopal: appetite suppressing compoud

-L-Carnatine Furmarate: incinerates all excess fats into energy.

Phenq Coupon Codes

Phenq goes for amazingly low prices. What’s more; you can get crazy promo codes throughout the year. For example, at the moment, they have this SALE20 phenq coupon code that gets you the phenq pills at 20% less of the marked price.

Their discounts do not end there. If you buy two bottles of phenq here, you will get the third absolutely free. If that is not amazing, then I do not know what you are looking for!

Phenq reviews

Phenq has stood the test of time and proved itself to be a product that works. Long gone are the days when it had to prove itself. It no longer needs to do so since it has stood the test of time. Phenq reviews from people who have used the product for example at increasetestosterone.review show that phenq is the most trusted product that one could try to use for their weight loss problems.

What supplements should I take to get ripped fast

What supplements should I take to get ripped fast

steroid to get ripped?

A well bulked and ripped body is every bodybuilders dream. However, this is not always possible since most people who want to cut and lose body fat end up buying placebos in the name of supplements to get them ripped. The end result is that they end up wasting money as well as not achieving their objective.

This post however will give you the best supplements you should be buying to get your ripped fast. We shall also tell you how you can buy the supplements at the most affordable price using coupon codes that the merchants have given us as a promotional for all those trying to get a discount for bodybuilding supplements.

So, here we go with the supplements you should be taking to get ripped fast.

So how do I qualify for the coupon codes

In all the listed products, you will be able to use the crazy mass coupon code SALE20 which gets you the product at 20% discount. {NB: The coupon codes keep on changing, you need to check before purchase down there]. Crazy bulk provides free shipping such that all you need is to provide your address and await the product.

Benefits of crazy bulk products as the supplements to use to get ripped quick

I do hope your question on what supplements should I take to get ripped fast has been answered. Enjoy a bodybuilding day whether you are in the gym or at home!

Best Laptop for Music Production

October 25, 2017

As journalist students, students will find that they are given assignments to record music, radio dramas or class assignments. The quality of their work is dependent on the tools that you are using. Your laptop for one should be quality and offering the best work possible.



Go for a laptop with lots of RAM so that you do not have problems or delays while recording or editing. The Hard disk storage space should also be high so that you are able to save as many projects as possible. The best laptop for music production should also have good CPU processor speed so that it is able to work effectively without delays.

Software specs

A good laptop will be able to accommodate a good operating system. At the same time, it will be able to accommodate a good editing software.


Homework Help for Busy Students

There is nothing that is as exciting in college as having someone who does all your assignments. All you have to do is approach them, order for the papers, give them the instructions and in not time, you have your well written, researched and referenced essay. With such a service, you get time to do other things such as explore your innate talents and hone them to perfection. You also get to make lots of college friends and have a great time socializing, having parties, going for excursions and starting small businesses that will see you become a successful person in future. Such a service can only be found at custom writing help.


Custom writing pros affords you time to invent


The likes of Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple all started exploring their abilities in college. Today, they are world renowned for the applications and inventions that they made in their college hey days. In future, we need more breakthrough technologies. We need great artists, we want sportsmen and women. All these abilities can only be honed in college when you have lots of time for yourself. However, it is not possible to do all this and still write your essays and assignments. You need some competent writer to do it for you.


Home work crest review

The homeworkMake company boasts of the best crop of writers who have been doing writing for so many years. Their customer satisfaction and retention rates are very high and as such the company continues soaring higher and higher. Timeliness is really observed in the company. The writers know that academic deadlines are usually strict and if not followed, lecturers can really be unreasonable and give students failing grades. To avoid this, they work 24/7 to ensure that essays are delivered promptly and in good time for you to go through them and familiarize yourself with the content therein. Because of all these factors, the home crest review looks glamourous with high rating and impeccable testimonials praising the company.

Homework Assistance Online

When you order your papers at homeworkcrest.com, you are assured of four things:

The experienced writers are behind these four guarantees that have made the company really grow bigger and wider. When it was started, it had just three people who doubled as writers and editors. After one wrote t paper, they would pass it to the second who would do all grammar editing and pass it to the third person who would look at the work quality, uniqueness and whether instructions were met. With such a thorough work process, the company attracted myriads and myriads of customers. After one student got their quality paper, they would not keep the good news to themselves and would tell their friends of this awesome writing company that always checked on high quality and timely deliveries. Customers continued streaming in from referrals making the company get lots of earnings from their thorough efforts.



As they expanded, the company hired more writers for homework assistance for college students. However, they did not just go to the streets and pick writers. They vetted and screened them really well to ensure that only the best were hired. In hiring, a writer was first checked whether they had at least a Master’s degree. If they had, they were given a complicated grammar test which tested them on spellings, subject verb agreement, use of active and passive voice, simple, compound and complex sentences. For one to pass to the next level, they had to scoop at least a 90%. Those who passed were then asked to write high quality essays within a short deadline. Those who wrote impeccable essays were chosen and taken through a thorough academic writing course.

Great customer care department

The company also hired people for its customer department. These people had to be really tactful and on the lookout to help clients make orders, understand what was required from their instructions as well as ensure that there was good communication between the writer and the customer. With these respectful customer care, the company has earned high customer review.

The vital components of a home recording studio

October 24, 2017

University students might find that they need to record video and audio files for their assignments or projects. Say for example that your lecturer has asked that you do a video or music clip on the dangers of steroids to your body.

Recording music is a very great experience that requires skills; you have to dedicate your time fully to come up with the best music. You can easily record your music at home so long as you have the required components.  The best thing about recording your music at home or in a room that you have set for this purpose is that you can use your limitations to your advantage. The following are what you need to start your home studio recording journey.

  1. A quality studio microphone

Microphones are very important when recording your music. However, you do not need more than one microphone if you are working by yourself or tracking instruments. You should choose the best microphone that will serve your purpose but do not spend more than a hundred dollars on a microphone.


  1. A good computer

When recording your music at home, you need to have the best computer. As we all know a best computer should have a good baseline number of RAM to enhance good storage capacity. With this, it will be easier to come up with the best music that will attract the listeners. It is therefore advisable to get as much RAM that you possibly afford.


  1. studio headphones or monitors

Another important thing you need to have in your upcoming home studio is a pair of headphones; this is because you have to hear what you are recording. Listening to your own mixes in the car, in other people’s systems helps you to have to get a clear reference of how the headphones are shaping your own mixes. This is quite interesting. When looking for the best monitors in the market, it is advisable not to spend too much.  You should always keep it simple and economical.  It is important to work with what you can afford and enjoy the entire time of you recording experience.  When doing your recordings at home, you may find new ways of doing things without even spending a coin.


  1. A solid audio interface

A recording experience is such an interesting task and therefore, you have to find a way of turning guitar, vocal sounds from analog to a digital signal.  We are living in a world where technology is very advanced and this is where audio interface comes in. when recording your music it is very important to limit yourself to use just two channel interfaces.  It is recommended to specifically use what you need. You should not spend more money buying more than you need in your recording experience.


  1. Any DAW( digital audio workstation

This program is very essential during your recording activity. It enables you to record and edit your music so that you can come up with the best music and quality work. You should consider using the program that is compatible with your computer.  Some of these programs include; pro tools, sonar, audition among others.  You should choose the one that suits you in all aspects including your budget.  With this, it is very easy to get started and provide the best music.



























Why Outdoor Adventure Can Help College Students

October 18, 2017

Outdoor fun activity for high school and college students is a welcome reprieve indeed. Well, at least you have to agree; it offers a respite from the computer and video gaming, which turns students into nerds. The outdoors can open up your mind, make you sharper, improve your memory power and leave you fit physically.

As a mother packs her baby stuff in the travel diaper bag to hit the trails for hiking, bird-watching, trekking, camping and traveling, will you be packing your books and heading out? As a student, you can surely do with boosted memory, especially with that dissertation paper approaching and with exams to take, you know you need all the memory power that you can muster. It is only a reach a way, a trek away in the outdoors.

Your mind is a powerhouse, get more out of it

Hiking will help boost your brainpower! Believe it or not, research shows that people who hike often are able to solve more complex problems and are able to remember many things. For example, forgetting where you placed your cellphone should not be a problem anymore. Although research shows that as we grow older our hippocampus shrinks, you can boost your mind power by hiking frequently. Now, if this is good for elderly people, you can imagine what outdoor adventure can do for a young mind.

Stress hormone down; feel good hormones up

Lower your stress levels. The clear, alpine air will do your lungs and your psyche a lot of good. Clean fresh air, the extensive physical exertion and being in the company of your colleagues leads to the release of the feel good hormones like dopamine and Serotonin. When these hormones are released, the level of the stress hormones, for example, cortisol, goes down. You experience a lifting in the mood, more happiness and in that nirvana of peace of mind, you can actually enjoy your studies more.


The power of concentration is boosted

Some of the concepts that you will be trying to grapple with in college can take their toll on your mind. This could lead to inattention in class, and that could pull you back a lot academically. However, not to worry if you are an enthusiast of outdoor fun activities. You can bring your power of concentration back with activities like beach camping, alpine camping, trekking, hiking, kayaking and many more.

Research shows that children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) display fewer symptoms of this condition if they play outside.

We do not need 1001 reasons why the outdoors is great for college students, or for everyone in general. Besides, what do you have to lose by going camping, rowing, biking and hiking? You can only gain. Pull on your hiking boots and pack your sleeping bag. And pop in a book too, you will need it.


Tips On How To Find The Best Pool Table Lights For Your Game Room

October 17, 2017

After doing all the installations in your game room or club, what remains is getting the perfect game room lights. You can go the easier way of doing a search for the best pool table lights online and making a purchase or go physically to the store and choose what you feel perfectly suits your room. Both ways you will have to make a decision based on either your budget or how you want your room to look like. We listed three key tips that will be instrumental for you the next time you want to install snooker table lights in this article.

Room size

The first thing you need to consider before making your purchase is the size of the room you will be installing the light. You can buy a very beautiful light but it fails to fit in your room because it needs some good clearance. You can also buy a very expensive light only to realize that it does not cover your billiards table perfectly. It is paramount to know the size of the room you will be fitting the lamp in and also consider the type of table or game that will be played in the room.

Aesthetic Ambience

The second thing you need to consider is the ambience of the game room. Some game rooms are attached to the main house and they borrow the interior design while others are detached and they have their own unique design. If your game room is an extension of your main house, then you will need to get the lights that complement the house as a whole as it plays its main purposes of lighting the game room. This will add more value to your house.

True value for your money?

While as price may be considered to be a last point in considering the lighting accessories to buy, it is very key. Always prepare a budget before you go shopping for billiard lights. This will guide you through the different lights as some can be too expensive. Having a budget will guide you to the perfect fit for your room. Don’t always believe that cheap is expensive, you can find cheap and beautiful too. The final choice and decision on what to buy will be dictated by your budget on the investment hence it is a very key consideration.

Buying game room accessories is not an easy task. You require a well laid down strategy on how you are going to do it. We highlighted just a few tips on how you can find the best quality pool table lights. Visit sites like best pool table lights and get more detailed information on what you need to know before buying any game room accessory. Do not forget to share this valuable piece with your buddies to help them make that important decision.



Massage in Bahrain

October 9, 2017

Bahrain, being a holiday destination, one cannot miss getting massage in Bahrain after a long day of holiday activities which includes kayaking, scuba diving, horse riding, fishing etc. Massage offers relaxation, eliminates pain, tension and stress on the body. Any different type of massage, either relaxation, deep tissue or deep tissue massage will help in achieving this.

An experienced massage therapist is able to pinpoint where her or his clients have knots on the muscles and will know how to effectively remove them. So get rid of those aches, fatigues and tensions on your body the natural way; with massage.



Whether you are a massage therapist or a homeowner, a massage chair Amazon or portable massage table is the best for you. A portable massage table is easy to carry from one place to another, foldable and light weight.

Massage chairs on the other hand, they could be bulky and pricy compared to massage tables but they don’t require any help from human to do the massage. Massage chairs are capable of massaging its users with designed hands on them that have been humanized and some have heat incorporated in them to enhance massage.


Best Bulking Steroid Without Water Retention: Crazy Bulk Dbal Review

September 15, 2017

best bulking steroid

I had heard about the best bulking steroid but ignored the news. So when I first walked into a local gym in my area Texas, I had this crazy notion that it would just be a matter of days before I walked out the gym rocking this Arnold Schwarzenegger look that would give me an aura of greatness. Yes, I am a millennial; part of the generation that wants everything here and now. We do not want to wait. No, waiting is for sissies. As you guessed, I was disappointed because the gym instructor did not: firstly give me the best bulking steroid and secondly, he was not a bulky guy. He was your average built kind of guy and I wondered whether he was really serious in his job. I expected a Ronnie Coleman kind of build!

The gym instructor led me through these simple and light exercises such as treadmilling, skipping rope and jogging on a spot. I felt so stupid that within one week, I quit even before my subscription was over. I wanted to bulk fast. I wanted to do heavy exercises such as weight lifting and that kind of thing, you get me. It was therefore a relief when I saw this advert proclaiming that crazy bulk is the best bulking steroid that would not only get me bulky, but also ripped and with awesome stamina.

best bulking steroid

best bulking steroid





Crazy bulk dianabol: Best Bulking Steroid

I did not waste time. Since I had heard that dianabol isn’t a great product because it is an anabolic steroid with adverse side effects, I wanted a legal steroid. D bal as you may guess was therefore a dream come true. The pros of this best bulking cycle were amazing. They were:

  1. Safe and legal. As an alternative to crazy bulk dianabol, d-bal is safe to use making it the ultimate best bulking steroid without risks
  2. In less that three weeks, you will have started to see results (Not a matter of days…wink)
  3. D-bal increases your testosterone levels therefore boosting your focus and drive in life
  4. There is a crazy bulk coupon offer going on where if you buy two packs, you get the third free.
  5. Crazy bulk dianabol (dbal) has worldwide free delivery.

How to use  the best bulking steroid crazy bulk dianabol

The crazy bulk dianabol comes in a pack with 30 servings. You are to take 3 capsules with water per day 45 minutes after your workout sessions. Take crazy bulk dianabol with great diet and also workout for at least 2 months to see great bulking results.

Where to buy crazy bulk dianabol

Crazy bulk dianabol is available on the merchant site. Currently, you can buy the pack at 20% discount since they have a summer offer. Just enter the crazy bulk coupon code SALE20 to get the 20% off.

best bulking steroid


best bulking steroid








Crazy bulk dbal as the best bulking steroid without water retention
Now, water retention is a bad thing in bodybuilding forums. What water retention does is that it causes you to have  a flabby body with saggy muscles and most of all, it gives you this distasteful gynecomastia (man boobs). Man boobs is the worst thing that would wish on your enemy. You therefore avoid it like a plague. Dbal however is the best bulking steroid without water retention and as such, you are assured that you will not get any gynecomastia when you use it.

Read on what steroid you should take to get ripped here




Do Crazy Bulk Products Work|Anavar Cycle with Crazy Bulk Anvarol

August 29, 2017

What is the Anavar cycle?

When the FDA and other drug regulation agencies cracked down their whips on illegal steroids, most of the popular bodybuilding anabolic steroids were banned. They became unavailable in most countries and if you are found to possess them, you would be arrested. This brought chaos in the bodybuilding circles until legal steroids that had no side effects but mimicked the anabolic steroids in their effect were introduced. One of the steroids banned was anavar (oxandrolone) which was popular among dieters, weight losers and those who wished to get ripped. So why write about the anavar cycle if anavar was banned? Well, it has a replacement and that replacement is none other anvarol. Crazy bulk anvarol is one of the best steroids for getting ripped.

anavar cycle




buy now button





What supplements should I take to get ripped fast: Crazy bulk anvarol and the anavar cycle

Crazy bulk anvarol is the legal alternative to anavar that has no side effects but is as effective as anavar. When you want to incinerate all forms of body fats whether subcutaneous or visceral, anavar cycle is the way to go. With anvarol, you will not need to have any doctor’s prescription or inject needles into your body to see anavar results. No, all you need is to pop some supplement pills and you will become leaner and stronger. Anvarol makes up part of the crazy bulk cutting stack that helps you get ripped. If you want to combine bulkiness with ripping, you can take the anavar clen cycle where the clen (clenbuterol) gets you bulky while the anvarol helps you maximize on lean muscle mass.


How anavarol works

Crazy bulk anvarol works by increasing the phosphocreatine levels in your body. Phosphocreatine on the other hand increase the secretion of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Now ATP is necessary when you want your muscles to contract. Unfortunately, ATP production in normal cases is limited. In order to get your muscles contracting more often and for long especially when working out, you will need more ATP. Here is where crazy bulk anvarol helps.


Crazy bulk Anvarol Ingredients

Anvarol contains soy protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, BCAA, ATP and wild yam root. All these products are key in weight and fat loss. We have already answered the question do crazy bulk products work and therefore we already know that anvarol does work effectively


How to the anavar cycle tablets





Why go for the Anavar only cycle

  1. Athletic performance

Due to the secretion of more ATP, anvarol has been favorited in performance enhancing drugs circles since it gives the athlete lots of energy to beat others in the sport. With the anavar cycle, one is able to exercise for longer without fatigue.


  1. Lean Muscle mass

Anavar does not encourage any water retention in the body. It is therefore ideal for males to go for this anavar cycle for men since they need not fear about gynecomastia (man boobs). Man boobs have been found to come as a result of too much water retained in the body after taking steroids.


  1. Anavar cycle for women looking for weight loss solutions

Women have for ages been looking for effective weight loss solutions. Well, with the anavar cycle, they need not look any further. The anavar cycle for women helps them shed away all subcutaneous and visceral fats leaving them leaner and with awesome figure 8 physiques.


anavar cycle





anavar cycle



Do legal steroids work?

July 28, 2017

 Do legal Steroids Work?

do legal steroids work






One of the most common question that I have been dealing with over the last one week posed by quora users is whether legal steroids work. Most people have already heard that FDA has banned illegal steroids because they cause more harm than good. I therefore come across ‘does legal steroids work?’ question very often as users try to analyze the side effects of steroids. Illegal steroids are also expensive and will make you fail in your sports doping tests. When they hear anabolic legal that steroids work such as crazy bulk, marine muscle and testogen, they are still a little bit pensive and ask again, “Do legal steroids work?” Some even wonder whether  is there legal steroids’ in the first place.

My answer to this question though is disappointing. It is a ‘It depends’. Imprecise and lazy, isn’t it? Well here is the reason why the answer is a ‘it depends’ rather than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as you had anticipated. Legal steroids gnc will only work when you use them appropriately. If you want them to do a task that they are not meant for, they will not work. Again, how often and the mode you use them matters a lot. Well, let’s see instances when legal anabolic steroids will or will not work. We will also see does testogen really work, answer the question do crazy products work and examine marine muscle as a legal steroid turning men into beasts.


  1. No exercise, no diet no working

If you are not ready to do proper workout and eat right, you can as well forget legal steroids because they will not work. Steroids are not bodybuilders—the only thing that they do is that they speed up your body building process by triggering the testosterone and human growth (HGH) hormones to give you a ripped body. In other words, legal steroids only work only for those people who are on a sure path to getting ripped and cutting their body fats. If you are not on a sure path to this, then steroids are just a waste of money.

You must be ready to exercise aggressively and eat right. Marine muscle steroids for example give your body muscle enough energy so that you can work out for longer and harder. The steroids though do not in any way make your body bulky or ripped.


  1. No passing of sports doping tests if they are really strict

Most sportsmen and women would like to use legal steroids gnc so that they can perform awesomely in the fields. Well, who wouldn’t want to do that? Who wouldn’t want to run, play cricket, tennis or volleyball without getting tired and putting up a great show in the process? Answer: nobody. Well, I have to warn you that I am about to burst your bubble. Strict sports organizations that have analytical doping tests will smoke you out—the steroids no matter how legal or illegal will show up in the tests and oops, you will be shown the door.

  1. It takes time for the legal steroids to work

There is this class of bodybuilders who want to take legal steroids today and bulk the very same day. Things don’t work out that way mate. You have to exercise resilience and patience. Legal steroids gnc will take at least 2 to 3 weeks before you can start seeing results. And of course in those 2 to 3 weeks, you have been exercising really hard, eating right and taking the steroids religiously.

  1. What countries are steroids legal

Before buying legal steroids, you need to check with your country drug laws to see whether they accept steroids. Countries such as the Europe and the UK do not accept marine muscle and you would be on the wrong side of the law if you were caught with it. So before you ask the question, “do legal steroids work”, first ask “what countries are steroids legal? Is my country one of them?”



In our quest to promote steroids, we will do everything to over market the products and lie to you. We will call them legal while we know that they are not. We will say that they work instantly while in real sense, they take time before you are able to see results. The truth behind all this is that we are earning a commission and therefore our key focus is making sales. Money will make some of us sell death in the disguise of medicine. Yes, we will do everything to sell- use hook and crook means to advertise and arm twist that money from your hand. Well, in this post, I debunk some of the popular steroidal myths and lies.

  1. Steroids are harmless and have no side effects

While this might be true for some legal steroids that work such as testogen testimonials, most roids are harmful and actually have side effects. Last month Abbvie, a steroid company was battling with legal suits as reported in the Fierce Pharma, punitive damages and compensations for lying to clients that their products do not cause heart attack problems and yet Androgel, one of their testosterone boosting products, did cause cardiovascular problems to a large number of their customers.

Excessive use of androgenic steroids have been found to cause hair loss, blood pressure problems, shrinking of the testicles, man boobs and a highly aggressive behavior. It is also unwise to use androgenic steroids if you are having prostate cancer, cardiovascular problems or diabetes.

According to the Journal of Carcinogenesis, prostate cancer literally feeds on androgenic steroids and therefore the effects of prostate cancer on steroid users is higher and more rampant as compared to non-steroid users. Another study that shows that androgens are responsible for the growth and development of the prostrate goes on to say that if one has prostate cancer, androgenic steroids would go ahead to intensify its effects.


  1. With Anabolic Steroids, you do not need any workout plan

This is a big lie. While it is true that steroids will help you lose a little fat, they will not get you ripped on their own. Steroids only help those who are on the bodybuilding path to do so fast. You need to exercise really hard to bulk, cut and get strong. Steroids help you work out for longer and harder. They synthesize energy in your muscles so that you are able to work out harder.

A study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine had 43 men assigned the following treatments:

At the end of this study called The Effects of Supraphysiologic Doses of Testosterone on Muscle Size and Strength in Normal Men, the men who took testosterone with no exercise were found to have increased in arm and length muscle mass as compared to those who had been given placebos. The men who were given placebos and did exercise gained muscle mass as compared to the placebo with no exercise men. Out of the four groups, the men with testosterone and exercise were found to have gained more strength and muscle mass.


From this study, it is evident that though steroids will get you some muscle mass, sitting your ass and popping those pills will not get you the ultimate body physique that you have been looking for. You need to get that ass up and exercise.


  1. No diet needed when one is using steroids

Any serious bodybuilder knows only too well that they need a great diet plan rich with proteins, carbs and veggies to get ripped. Steroid sellers in their quest to make a kill will tell you that you only need that injection, smears or oral tablet to get really ripped. This is false. Even legal steroids that work still need good diet as well as workouts.

  1. No prescription needed from a doctor

Steroids are treated like over the counter drugs. However, this should not be the case. Though you do not really need a doctor’s prescription to get a steroidal drug, I advise my clients to seek medical advice before going the steroidal path. Your doctor will tell you the best steroid to buy and whether you really need one to start with.

  1. Available in all countries

This is another misnomer. Most countries have regulations against steroids where they ban steroidal drugs. Before hitting the order now button, you need to check with your country drug regulations lest you get on the wrong side of the law. In countries where steroids are banned, they are either manufactured in secrecy using low quality ingredients or imported illegally into the black market where crime and theft thrives.


  1. FDA approved and legal

We will tell you that steroid A is FDA approved yet in real sense it isn’t. To check whether a steroid is legal and FDA approved, you need to cross-check with the FDA organization to see whether they have approved it. With the high number of bodybuilding scammers in the steroid market, the agency has made its laws tighter and they will only approve steroids that are effective and not likely to cause any side effects. If you are having your reservations about a product being FDA approved, you can check from the agency by visiting Drugs@FDA. In case you want to report a harmful steroid to the agency, you can do so through the Medwatch Voluntary Report.


  1. Made with natural ingredients

If there is one claim that we love using, it is stating that our steroids are made from natural ingredients. We will not do so directly but rather we will use phrases such as ‘organically extracted’, ‘made with natural products’. To verify these claims, use apps such as Fooducate that tells you the real ingredients in a product.


8. Steroids work instantly

Steroids just like other drugs take time to work. You do not just start taking one in the morning and get your body ripped by the same evening. It would take at least 2 to 3 weeks of disciplined use with workouts and great diet before results start trickling in. Crazy bulk do not lie and tell you this truth

9. You will pass any sports doping tests

While some sports doping tests are mild and superficial, there are others that are in-depth and will show all strains of steroids that you might have ingested. You therefore need to crossly check your sports doping procedure as well as ask your steroid manufacturer before using the performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Some manufacturer like marine muscle which is a legal steroid turning men into beasts are upfront and tell you the truth.



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