2 pros of keyless locks in University Residential Rooms

April 28, 2018

One thing that could be done to curb the insecurity in campus is the adoption of keyless locks. I remember back when I joined the university and I was assigned this room and since I was well loaded from the village, I kept all my money in my suitcase, dropped it the miniature room and locked it up to go for supper in the mess. I made sure that I locked the room really well since I had heard that anything could happen and that not everyone who pretended to be a student was actually one.

On coming back from the mess, I found that someone had opened the door and got away with the money that was in my suitcase. He had also gotten away with my timber shoes that I valued so much. I was really agitated and wanted to report. It was obvious that this must have been a continuing student who had On going to the security department, all they showed me was this poster in the office ‘Every student is responsible for their property and security’ That angered me so much. It however also got me thinking on how the institution could improve the security apparatus. How about adopting keyless door locks because in this case, all I would have done was change the password combination of the lock and nobody would have been able to access the room without my permission. Unless they broke the door in which case other students in other rooms would have heard the breaking and come to ask what was going on.

So, I went researching and came up with the following pros of keyless door locks and here they are:

Without a key, forget ever having losing it and calling those exorbitant locksmiths who once they unlock your door want to seep some of the juice you had kept in your cupboard. No. But it has the downside that you might forget the key combination.

The beauty of the best keyless door locks is that you can actually share the key combination with someone while away without having to meet them physically. Isn’t that great. Picture this; you have gone to the village for the weekend and decide to extend to Monday. However, that sadistic prof had given you some assignment and you did it before going home but forgot to give it to your friend to hand it in. With this locks, you need not worry. No, you just call and tell them the combination to your door lock to access the assignment.