May 11, 2018


It is also known as amateur radio. It is a device that brings people together. Ham radios connect people from one town to another to as far as from one continent to another. It comes in handy in places where there are no cell phones or internet connection. The best part is, it can be set anywhere.

Some of the important things you should look out for when getting a Ham radio is:



This is the ability to program the radio. To input commands, some radios are manual while in the newer models, one can connect to the computer using a cable to make programming easier.



You should choose a radio with the correct frequency because different radios come with different transmission frequencies. It is illegal to use a radio with frequencies that are different from the indicated bandwidth usage allowed on your license.



Transmission power output is crucial in smooth communication so you should ensure that your radio the power settings that best suit your needs.



If you are using your radio for national or international responses, you will require more memory slots than when using it locally.


When choosing the best handheld ham radio, ensure that you get one that compliments your needs in order to fully enjoy the benefits. However, you’ve got to take up classes to learn how to operate it then get certified so that you can apply for a license.