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Imagine boosting your testosterone levels using naturally made legal alternatives to steroids without the fear of  side effects. Picture how good you would feel to improve your libido, focus levels and muscle mass. Visualize yourself being the talk of town for that killer six pack if you are a man or figure 8 for women. Imagine being the apple of everyone’s eye when you step into the pool table room or that game that you most love.

Here at Bodybuilding Giants we are going to help you achieve just that. We have a list of top notch bodybuilding products that are going to help you become bulky, get ripped and have awesome body strength. All our products have been tested and approved after being found to have awesome, natural ingredients. FDA has stamped a mark of approval and you can verify this through the natural ingredients used to make the products. Since we fear injections, we will not be reviewing any steroidal injections or any supplement with a doctor’s prescription. Again, we are not looking at those steroids which you smear on your armpits since we know how bad it can get especially if you have a kid and they go under your armpit. So, lets go to our oral, prescription free legal steroids that work. If you want to slim your way to great health, read from our trusted resource

Marine muscle Bodybuilding Stacks

Marine muscle as the word suggests helps you bulk in a crazily short time and get a body similar to that of US marine corps. Popular for its effectiveness and affordability, Marine muscle is your sure way to get bulky, ripped and strong especially if you are in the USA.

It is made up of three stacks:


1. Marine muscle  bulking stack

When you want to exercise crazily and gain lots of muscle mass, you should try marine muscle bulking stack. Why? Marine muscle is the legal steroid turning men into beasts.The bulking stack is made up of marine muscle drill master, marine muscle enduro, marine muscle gunner and marine muscle trooper. These packs help your muscle retain lots of nitrogen and in this way build up proteins. With a high protein build up, you come out as this muscular and bulky guy. They also contain DHEA and pure extracts of tribulus terrestris. Now, tribulus terrestris is the Godfather of testosterone. It helps you get high levels of libido as well as look and feel like a macho man.

marine muscle bulking stack


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2. Marine muscle cutting stack

Once you have bulked, it is time to trim that body shape. Let the muscles gleam; Let that six pack physique be conspicuous with the marine muscle cutting stack. The marine muscle cutting stack is made up of marine muscle alpha, marine muscle colonel, marine muscle trooper and marine muscle winger. These components contain phosphocreatine that stimulates the production of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). With high ATP, your muscles work extra harder and they burn all fat around them leaving you leaner and with lots of stamina. The packs also makes your blood have lots of red blood cells. With more red blood cells,you are assured of lots of oxygen going to your muscles enabling you to exercise more harder and for longer.



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3. Marine muscle Strength stack

Once you have bulked and gotten ripped, it is time to get strong. Marine muscle legal alternative to steroids got you sorted with their strength stack. It is made up of Marine muscle devil dog that gives you mega strength to exercise and do that which you want to do.


marine muscle devil dog



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Other than marine muscle steroids, there is also crazy bulk. Crazy bulk is the most popular legal alternative to steroids so far with most of the US residents using it to bulk, cut and acquire awesome strength.

Crazy bulking Stack

Most people have been asking do crazy bulk products work. And the answer is right here; Crazy bulking stack is highly effective, has no side effects and come at low costs. It is made up of D-bal, trenorol, testomax and Hgh-X2. All these are legal alternatives to steroids. You will therefore not get any side effects.


1. Crazy bulk d-bal (Dianabol)

crazy bulk d-bal


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Crazy bulk d-bal steroid is an alternative to dianabol steroid. It increases nitrogen retention in your body. With more nitrogen, your muscles are able to sythensize more protein and therefore become bulkier.


2. Crazy bulk trenorol

Trenorol mimics the action of steroid trenbolone. It does this by increasing the level of nitrogen retention for protein build up in muscles. It also increases the number of red blood cells in your muscles. With more red blood cells, you are able to have more oxygen in the body and hence able to work out for longer and harder.

crazy bulk trenorol

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3. Crazy bulk  testo-max

Testo-max contains pure extracts of tribulus terrestris– the godfather of testosterone. With more testosterone in your body, you have high libido, more muscle mass and look more muscular in physique.



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4.  Crazy bulk HGH-X2

Other than testosterone, Human growth hormone(HGH) is important for body building. Unfortunately, HGH production levels go down with age. With crazy bulk HGH X2, you need not worry since you will still have that bodybuilding ability even in your 50s.

crazy bulk hgh x2


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Crazy bulk cutting stack

Just like in marine muscle, you also need to cut away all the unneeded fats in crazy bulk. The cutting stack gets you ripped in a very short duration of time. It is made up of Winsol which is a legal alternative to winstrol steroid, anvarol which is an alternative to anvar, clenbutrol which is an alternative to clenbuterol steroid.



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Crazy bulk strength stack

Reinforce your well toned body with the strength stack. Here we go:

strong crazy bulk

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Our bodybuilding components would not be sufficient  without a look at testogen review. Testogen judging from its reviews is a natural way to boost your low T levels. It is made from natural D-Aspartic Acid, zinc and tribulus terrestris. Testogen review 2018 show that the sex pills for men are highly effective and will help you build on muscle mass as well as boosting libido.


testogen review

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Directions for use

1. Each of the different packs contain directions for use. For example when you buy marine muscle stacks, you are to take 2 tablets at specific peroids of the day as specified in the sticker. They also tell you what ingredients make up the product. If you are not sure whether a certain ingredient is good, you can ask your doctor.

2. Steroids or bodybuilding supplements should not be taken by people suffering from prostrate cancer, depression, blood pressure or diabetes since they could aggravate the condition. Therefore, be warned before buying them. Fortunately, the three companies warn their customers before purchase of the product since they are more interested in your health as opposed to the money they make.

3. These supplements especially crazy bulk can be taken by women. When females take crazy bulk, they are looking forward to getting hotter with high levels of testosterone as opposed to estrogen. Testosterone makes them leaner and hotter to look at.

4. If you are in sports and you have been invited for sports doping test, desist from taking these legal alternatives to steroids since most of the sporting anti-doping tests are so strong and analytical that they will see traces of the supplements and label them as performance enhancing drugs (PEDS).

5. Before buying any bodybuiling supplement, check with your country to see that it is acceptable. Marine muscle products are for example not available for Europe and UK customers. So it is better to check with your drug legislative acts before you press that buy now button

6. And just so that you know, popular Hollywood stars have been using some of these supplements to get ripped and gain muscle. In an article on supplements celebrities use to lose weight, you will find details of the different supplements they use such as garcinia cambogia, crazy bulk clenbuterol. You will also find those stars that have gained muscle thanks to supplements.


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