Characteristics of good shoes

April 28, 2018

The best shoes for high arches and standing all day are hard to find nowadays due to so many imitations that people have come up with. Depending on the occasion, you should generally purchase a pair of shoes that is comfortable and one that will age well to give you more service.

Below are some characteristics of good shoes that will really be of help when you are looking the best shoe to settle for.

  1. Support and protection

A good shoe creates room for the muscles on the feet to move freely preventing arches and foot pains. It should also protect your feet and keep them warm to prevent numbness which is quite uncomfortable.

  1. Adjustable

The shoe should be adjustable by either the use of laces, elastic, belt, straps or a buckle to help you fasten it to fit you properly. This makes the shoe cling to your feet in a good way that you don’t actually feel it moving back and forth as you walk.

  1. Heel

The heel of the shoe should not exceed an inch to prevent the heel and the ankle of your feet from being unstable hence prone to foot pains and strains.

  1. Toe box region

This part should be deep and roomy to accommodate the size of your shoes to prevent compressing them and rubbing the top part that is easily injured by friction.

  1. Midsole

The midsole should be solid and shock absorbing to offer comfort and protect the lower part of your feet.

  1. Good material

Good quality shoes should be strong to withstand the pressure created when the feet comes in contact with the ground.

  1. Fine finish

Shoes that have a fine finish boost your confidence and are easy to clean and maintain because they normally shine automatically after being polished.

  1. Durability

Most of the time you can determine the durability of shoes by its price because cheap is expensive. It’s advisable to spend more on a pair of shoes that will last longer than buy a cheaper one that will wear out quickly and force you to replace it.

  1. Breathability

Shoes should dissipate sweat quickly to prevent accumulation which causes bad odour and bacterial or fungal infections. Breathable shoes also keep the feet cool, that feeling is quite reliving.

  1. Fit

Lastly, a good shoe should fit you properly leaving no room for movement of the feet but not too tight either that you can literally feel the pressure.