Do legal steroids work?

July 28, 2017
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 Do legal Steroids Work?

do legal steroids work






One of the most common question that I have been dealing with over the last one week posed by quora users is whether legal steroids work. Most people have already heard that FDA has banned illegal steroids because they cause more harm than good. I therefore come across ‘does legal steroids work?’ question very often as users try to analyze the side effects of steroids. Illegal steroids are also expensive and will make you fail in your sports doping tests. When they hear anabolic legal that steroids work such as crazy bulk, marine muscle and testogen, they are still a little bit pensive and ask again, “Do legal steroids work?” Some even wonder whether  is there legal steroids’ in the first place.

My answer to this question though is disappointing. It is a ‘It depends’. Imprecise and lazy, isn’t it? Well here is the reason why the answer is a ‘it depends’ rather than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as you had anticipated. Legal steroids gnc will only work when you use them appropriately. If you want them to do a task that they are not meant for, they will not work. Again, how often and the mode you use them matters a lot. Well, let’s see instances when legal anabolic steroids will or will not work. We will also see does testogen really work, answer the question do crazy products work and examine marine muscle as a legal steroid turning men into beasts.


  1. No exercise, no diet no working

If you are not ready to do proper workout and eat right, you can as well forget legal steroids because they will not work. Steroids are not bodybuilders—the only thing that they do is that they speed up your body building process by triggering the testosterone and human growth (HGH) hormones to give you a ripped body. In other words, legal steroids only work only for those people who are on a sure path to getting ripped and cutting their body fats. If you are not on a sure path to this, then steroids are just a waste of money.

You must be ready to exercise aggressively and eat right. Marine muscle steroids for example give your body muscle enough energy so that you can work out for longer and harder. The steroids though do not in any way make your body bulky or ripped.


  1. No passing of sports doping tests if they are really strict

Most sportsmen and women would like to use legal steroids gnc so that they can perform awesomely in the fields. Well, who wouldn’t want to do that? Who wouldn’t want to run, play cricket, tennis or volleyball without getting tired and putting up a great show in the process? Answer: nobody. Well, I have to warn you that I am about to burst your bubble. Strict sports organizations that have analytical doping tests will smoke you out—the steroids no matter how legal or illegal will show up in the tests and oops, you will be shown the door.

  1. It takes time for the legal steroids to work

There is this class of bodybuilders who want to take legal steroids today and bulk the very same day. Things don’t work out that way mate. You have to exercise resilience and patience. Legal steroids gnc will take at least 2 to 3 weeks before you can start seeing results. And of course in those 2 to 3 weeks, you have been exercising really hard, eating right and taking the steroids religiously.

  1. What countries are steroids legal

Before buying legal steroids, you need to check with your country drug laws to see whether they accept steroids. Countries such as the Europe and the UK do not accept marine muscle and you would be on the wrong side of the law if you were caught with it. So before you ask the question, “do legal steroids work”, first ask “what countries are steroids legal? Is my country one of them?”



In our quest to promote steroids, we will do everything to over market the products and lie to you. We will call them legal while we know that they are not. We will say that they work instantly while in real sense, they take time before you are able to see results. The truth behind all this is that we are earning a commission and therefore our key focus is making sales. Money will make some of us sell death in the disguise of medicine. Yes, we will do everything to sell- use hook and crook means to advertise and arm twist that money from your hand. Well, in this post, I debunk some of the popular steroidal myths and lies.

  1. Steroids are harmless and have no side effects

While this might be true for some legal steroids that work such as testogen testimonials, most roids are harmful and actually have side effects. Last month Abbvie, a steroid company was battling with legal suits as reported in the Fierce Pharma, punitive damages and compensations for lying to clients that their products do not cause heart attack problems and yet Androgel, one of their testosterone boosting products, did cause cardiovascular problems to a large number of their customers.

Excessive use of androgenic steroids have been found to cause hair loss, blood pressure problems, shrinking of the testicles, man boobs and a highly aggressive behavior. It is also unwise to use androgenic steroids if you are having prostate cancer, cardiovascular problems or diabetes.

According to the Journal of Carcinogenesis, prostate cancer literally feeds on androgenic steroids and therefore the effects of prostate cancer on steroid users is higher and more rampant as compared to non-steroid users. Another study that shows that androgens are responsible for the growth and development of the prostrate goes on to say that if one has prostate cancer, androgenic steroids would go ahead to intensify its effects.


  1. With Anabolic Steroids, you do not need any workout plan

This is a big lie. While it is true that steroids will help you lose a little fat, they will not get you ripped on their own. Steroids only help those who are on the bodybuilding path to do so fast. You need to exercise really hard to bulk, cut and get strong. Steroids help you work out for longer and harder. They synthesize energy in your muscles so that you are able to work out harder.

A study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine had 43 men assigned the following treatments:

At the end of this study called The Effects of Supraphysiologic Doses of Testosterone on Muscle Size and Strength in Normal Men, the men who took testosterone with no exercise were found to have increased in arm and length muscle mass as compared to those who had been given placebos. The men who were given placebos and did exercise gained muscle mass as compared to the placebo with no exercise men. Out of the four groups, the men with testosterone and exercise were found to have gained more strength and muscle mass.


From this study, it is evident that though steroids will get you some muscle mass, sitting your ass and popping those pills will not get you the ultimate body physique that you have been looking for. You need to get that ass up and exercise.


  1. No diet needed when one is using steroids

Any serious bodybuilder knows only too well that they need a great diet plan rich with proteins, carbs and veggies to get ripped. Steroid sellers in their quest to make a kill will tell you that you only need that injection, smears or oral tablet to get really ripped. This is false. Even legal steroids that work still need good diet as well as workouts.

  1. No prescription needed from a doctor

Steroids are treated like over the counter drugs. However, this should not be the case. Though you do not really need a doctor’s prescription to get a steroidal drug, I advise my clients to seek medical advice before going the steroidal path. Your doctor will tell you the best steroid to buy and whether you really need one to start with.

  1. Available in all countries

This is another misnomer. Most countries have regulations against steroids where they ban steroidal drugs. Before hitting the order now button, you need to check with your country drug regulations lest you get on the wrong side of the law. In countries where steroids are banned, they are either manufactured in secrecy using low quality ingredients or imported illegally into the black market where crime and theft thrives.


  1. FDA approved and legal

We will tell you that steroid A is FDA approved yet in real sense it isn’t. To check whether a steroid is legal and FDA approved, you need to cross-check with the FDA organization to see whether they have approved it. With the high number of bodybuilding scammers in the steroid market, the agency has made its laws tighter and they will only approve steroids that are effective and not likely to cause any side effects. If you are having your reservations about a product being FDA approved, you can check from the agency by visiting Drugs@FDA. In case you want to report a harmful steroid to the agency, you can do so through the Medwatch Voluntary Report.


  1. Made with natural ingredients

If there is one claim that we love using, it is stating that our steroids are made from natural ingredients. We will not do so directly but rather we will use phrases such as ‘organically extracted’, ‘made with natural products’. To verify these claims, use apps such as Fooducate that tells you the real ingredients in a product.


8. Steroids work instantly

Steroids just like other drugs take time to work. You do not just start taking one in the morning and get your body ripped by the same evening. It would take at least 2 to 3 weeks of disciplined use with workouts and great diet before results start trickling in. Crazy bulk do not lie and tell you this truth

9. You will pass any sports doping tests

While some sports doping tests are mild and superficial, there are others that are in-depth and will show all strains of steroids that you might have ingested. You therefore need to crossly check your sports doping procedure as well as ask your steroid manufacturer before using the performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Some manufacturer like marine muscle which is a legal steroid turning men into beasts are upfront and tell you the truth.



Testogen has been famed as the best sex pills for men. In our testogen review 2017, we say that testogen does really work. You can also go through this testogen review where a man confesses that he had a depression problem that saw him lose shape as well as his libido. His testogen user reviews show that the sex pills for men are indeed effective and they helped him out of the rut that he was in.



As the best legal alternative to legal steroids, crazy bulk supplements are really effective. They do work to give you an awesome body physique full of muscles and with a great physique. You can read about anavar cycle here or buy crazy bulk products here


Best bulking steroid that money will buy

We have tried crazy bulk dbal and found it to be great in helping you bulk and gain muscle.

Dbal does this by increasing the oxygen intake in your muscle region so that you are able to train hard and not tire easily.

It is made with:

How to take crazy bulk dbal

Take 3 capsules after your morning workout. You should take it with water

The pack contains 90 capsules and as such when you buy a one pack, it should last you for 30 days.

The guys at Crazy bulk though say that you should take it for 2 months so as to see awesome results

Side effects

You might face some headaches and nausea after the first few days but they should go away when you get used to the pills.



The newest legal steroid is marine muscle. It is made from millitary hardcore natural ingredients that enable you to train like a marine and to gain muscle mass fast. Marine muscle has been touted as the best legal steroid turning men into beasts. Those who have tried it say that it indeed does work really well.





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