The vital components of a home recording studio

October 24, 2017
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University students might find that they need to record video and audio files for their assignments or projects. Say for example that your lecturer has asked that you do a video or music clip on the dangers of steroids to your body.

Recording music is a very great experience that requires skills; you have to dedicate your time fully to come up with the best music. You can easily record your music at home so long as you have the required components.  The best thing about recording your music at home or in a room that you have set for this purpose is that you can use your limitations to your advantage. The following are what you need to start your home studio recording journey.

  1. A quality studio microphone

Microphones are very important when recording your music. However, you do not need more than one microphone if you are working by yourself or tracking instruments. You should choose the best microphone that will serve your purpose but do not spend more than a hundred dollars on a microphone.


  1. A good computer

When recording your music at home, you need to have the best computer. As we all know a best computer should have a good baseline number of RAM to enhance good storage capacity. With this, it will be easier to come up with the best music that will attract the listeners. It is therefore advisable to get as much RAM that you possibly afford.


  1. studio headphones or monitors

Another important thing you need to have in your upcoming home studio is a pair of headphones; this is because you have to hear what you are recording. Listening to your own mixes in the car, in other people’s systems helps you to have to get a clear reference of how the headphones are shaping your own mixes. This is quite interesting. When looking for the best monitors in the market, it is advisable not to spend too much.  You should always keep it simple and economical.  It is important to work with what you can afford and enjoy the entire time of you recording experience.  When doing your recordings at home, you may find new ways of doing things without even spending a coin.


  1. A solid audio interface

A recording experience is such an interesting task and therefore, you have to find a way of turning guitar, vocal sounds from analog to a digital signal.  We are living in a world where technology is very advanced and this is where audio interface comes in. when recording your music it is very important to limit yourself to use just two channel interfaces.  It is recommended to specifically use what you need. You should not spend more money buying more than you need in your recording experience.


  1. Any DAW( digital audio workstation

This program is very essential during your recording activity. It enables you to record and edit your music so that you can come up with the best music and quality work. You should consider using the program that is compatible with your computer.  Some of these programs include; pro tools, sonar, audition among others.  You should choose the one that suits you in all aspects including your budget.  With this, it is very easy to get started and provide the best music.