Things You Need To Know About Your Skype Username and Skype Name :

April 28, 2018



When it comes to Skype and the general website lingo of the company,  a lot of users end up confused between the different terms.  The most confusing has always been ‘Skype Name’ and ‘Skype username’.


But in order to use Skype or Skype for business properly and efficiently,  it’s important to be able to tell the difference between the two;  at least in Skype’s context.  For instance,  you might want to change skype username and you end up changing your Account name just because the lingo is different and you might read the wrong tutorial.


According to Skype, there is actually no such thing as Skype username. What you and I would call Skype username,  is known on Skype website and apps as Skype name.  Now you get it;  don’t you?  So when you see Skype name,  you should know they mean Skype ID or Skype username.


Now, what you would normally call Skype Name, is known on Skype as the Skype Display name.  I actually don’t blame them for this because it is actually the name that gets displayed on other people’s Skype accounts when you call them or send them messages.


For Skype username, you should be looking at Skype name on the website. It’s actually not possible to change Skype username (Skype name,  skype ID) because it is the unique identifier of your Skype account. The Skype name (username is different for all Skype accounts and it does not necessarily represent the name or identity of the account holder.


The Skype display name on the other hand should represent the name or identity of the person or company running the account.  Different Skype accounts can have the same or similar Account names.


Skype usernames are used to search for people’s accounts. It’s the most accurate way of finding people on Skype. Skype names can also be used but you’ll have to counter check with other info like profile picture and bio.