You want to buy a Bassinet for an infant? Try arm’s Reach Concepts Clear Bassinet

April 3, 2018

As much as a parent may choose to use a baby crib from the time the baby is born, bassinets are much more beneficial. For one reason, it is recommended that a mother sleeps in one room with her baby from the time he is born to when he attains six months. As a mother, nursing your baby during the night may be hectic if you have to always move out of your bed or room to breastfeed or change their diapers.

But with a bassinet it becomes easier since what you ought to do is to just pick the baby from the bassinet which is near you. This makes it more convenient especially if you have just given birth and still recovering. A bassinet will ensure that you don’t have to strain yourself. Having a bassinet with the same height as that of your bed makes you keep a close check of your baby without having to get out of your bed. It also ensures that your baby is much comfortable and occupies less space as compared to a full-size crib. I have used the Arm’s Reach Clear Bassinet for my two Kids and I don’t have any regrets.


With several models available to choose from, there are features you should always put in mind to ensure the safety of your baby.

-A portable bassinet is very beneficial as you can easily move it around the house even as you perform other chores at the same time keeping a close eye on your baby.

-Make sure that the mattress tightly fits into the bassinet and do not have a space that your fingers can fit. It should be strong enough to support the mattress and your baby’s weight without bending.

– The mattress’ surface must always be firm and lightly padded to avoid the baby’s face sinking into it as the baby may suffocate.

-Check if there are any sharp protrusions in the interior and exterior of the bassinet to avoid any injuries to the baby.

-Make sure that the base is sturdy and the screws are well tightened and adjustable.

-The stands should be stable and for those that have wheels make sure that the wheels have breaks.

-All the beddings such as sheets and blankets should be removable before using the bassinet as they may pose danger to your baby and should be perfectly fitting.

-Get one with a vibrating mechanism if in any case you want it to calm and sooth your baby.

-If you are interested with one that can play music with the intention of soothing the baby while upset or helping the baby fall asleep then there are models designed to serve that purpose.

The best time to stop using a bassinet is when the baby starts to move around, push his hands or starts to roll over. Other models also come with age and weight restrictions and when they attain the stated restrictions, it is time to stop using it.

Want to purchase a used Bassinet?

If as a mother you decide to go for a used bassinet you need to be more cautious for your baby’s safety. Check if any recalls have been made and make sure that it is sturdy and do not have any spaces that the baby may be trapped in.

Make sure that the mattress is not stretched causing to sag which is not safe for the baby. All the original parts should be there but if the bassinet have been modified then it is not safe for your baby.

Safety is the most crucial consideration but for the purpose of choice and preferences then they are always available in different styles to choose from.