Biological Association of Nairobi University Students

About us

Biological Association of Nairobi University Students (BANUS) is a professional organization in the School of Biological Sciences. Through its activities, BANUS has been successful over the years in promoting students understanding and interests in Biological Sciences, through its many activities which cut across various fields of biological sciences from Environmental issues, biotechnology, hydrobiology, taxonomy, the list is long.


To promote students’ understanding and interest in biological sciences and get involved in projects which enhance sustainable development.



To be a leading student based professional organization in promoting practical biology and sustainable development.


Membership comprises students and lecturers from the School of Biological Sciences and also has a room for associate membership, there is also honorary membership for anybody who is interested in the activities of the club, and hence it is a club for all.


In order to meet our goals and objectives, BANUS has been successful in organising the following activities both in campus and out.

Ø  Industrial Visits to various industries and research institutions

Ø  Field trips to different parts of the country.

Ø  Annual Tree planting

Ø   Symposiums, Talks and lectures on relevant topics/themes.

Ø  Workshops and projects.

Ø  Seminars  and film shows on important days e.g. wetlands day


Ø  In-vitro regeneration of African Violet flowers through tissue culture

Ø  Semi-intensive Tilapia Aqua culture


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