About the One Health Club


The One Health Club is a student led group Founded by Momanyi Kelvin Nyariaro and registered in the University of Nairobi as “One Health Club of the University of Nairobi”. The goal of the club is to edify on the holistic approach towards societal challenges by working holistically with students from various disciplines (Veterinary science, medical science and ecosystem science) to understand interactions between humans, animals and the environment so as to sustainably improve the health of the public, animals and the environment.

Guided by its’ vision, mission and philosophy the One Health Club’s initiative is to support and create awareness among the students of Kenya on the One Health Concept with the main long term objective being to undertake activities that are sustainable to eradicate societal challenges in Kenyan communities.


The club was established after the moving public speech by the President (Colorado State University (CSU)-Dr. Frank) at the 8:4:4 building lecture hall at the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences on November, 2012. After which an introductory discussions were held with Prof. Sue VandeWoude (Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, CSU) with follow-up online discussions. Prof. Sue further referred me (Kelvin) to Dr. Francisco (Faculty advisor) and Anna Fagre (President-One Health Club, CSU).

Further discussions with Anna Fagre resulted to the informal establishment of the One Health Club on 11th Kelvin. During the same time we had our first meeting with representation from two faculties, namely: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture. During our second meeting the first set of six officials were elected, namely: The Secretary, The Treasurer (Raphael Nyawa), the Organizing secretary (Humprey) and the Public outreach officer (Mukami) with appointment of the Vice President (Wamaitha Moses).

The club has grown in capacity having representation from three colleges namely: College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, College of Health Sciences and College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The club was officially registered under the University of Nairobi on October, 2014 with
facilitation by the office of Dean of Students and thereafter it is bound and governed by its constitution.


The purpose of the One Health Club is:

  1. To support the One Health Initiative through organized involvement and collaboration with the environmental, public, and animal health communities.
  2. To participate and support programs that endeavor to reduce human and animal disease and disability and improve human and animal population well-being.
  3. To strive to improve communication, encourage collaboration, and enhance integration of animal, human, and environmental health for the benefit of all.


An empowered and united Kenya and protected from zoonotic and other diseases affecting the health of humans, animals and the environment, thereby promoting livelihoods, socio-economic development and environmental sustainability.


To harness innovation among the students in order to improve Kenya’s capacity to DETECT, IDENTIFY and MONITOR zoonotic and other diseases of humans, animals, the environment and their interactions in order to better manage the risk posed by them.


To work towards One Kenya, One health, One People in the context of the One Health Initiative

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