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"I'm proud to be associated with the vet profession"

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About Us


Veterinary Students’ Association was started in 1980’s under the faculty of veterinary medicine, University of Nairobi. Members of VSA are students pursuing Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine Degree. Since its establishment, the number of members has drastically increased due to the continued increase in the number of students admitted to pursue the degree. The patron of the association is the dean of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine. VSA organizes events in each academic year which include sports, career days, field days and farmers outreach programs.

Our major partner is the Kenya Veterinary Association (KVA) which usually organizes scientific conferences annually where members of VSA are eligible to attend. We also have sponsors for our events that mainly include the veterinary clinics, pharmaceuticals, parastatals and other stake holders. Through their support VSA has been able to carry out events especially the field days where they donate drugs and other vital veterinary equipments.

We also receive Veterinary book donations from multinational/international organizations like the Silent Heroes Foundation and the Isuzu Books for Africa which have greatly benefited the students as references.

We are determined to achieve greater heights and be recognized internationally.