power of testimony



Scripture: Rev 12:11; 1 COR 2:9……

Those who are born of God don not just tell stories for ourselves. We no longer speak vain words.

The Lord when He called us; He gave something unique to us just like He gave Jeremiah the word. Whatever comes from us is a testimony. A testimony is a witness that is given by the Holy Spirit.

We have a testimony that He is able to save. We speak positively: making positive proclamation even when going through afflictions.

1 Samuel 2

The moment we seek the Lord He gives us more…..

When God gives us a testimony let us speak it out for others to hear.

2 Samuel 22: 44

God has freely given us great things which we speak that cannot be found in the life of a natural man. We speak not from our own knowledge but it is the Spirit of God that leads us; enables us.

A testimony is a discipline of offering a sacrifice before God.


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