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ceac club during world environment day 5th, 2015

The World Environment Day is the United Nations principle vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment. The theme of this year was 7 billion dreams; one planet; consume with care. The goal was to galvanise people into doing something positive for the environment.
In Nairobi the day was celebrated by an event organised by the County government in collaboration with World vision Kenya and other partners.
University of Nairobi was represented by Chiromo Environmental Awareness Club (CEAC) and UON Students Geography Society
We as CEAC intend to align our actions for the environment with the theme which reminds us that we only have one planet and we should take good care of it. Advocating for a clean environment by encouraging use of bins and recycling: Taking action by participating in clean ups, planting trees and educating our young on the importance of conserving the environment
Let’s all remember our resources our wealth, yes we should exploit them but with care; embrace sustainable development for the sake of our future generations and for the survival of humankind.
Say yes to a green future!