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Plant a tree and I’ll show you a dream.  A dream of plentiful with abundance of clean air and healthy animals: Conserved biodiversity sustainably protected and cherished; just like our ancestors once lived. Reminisce, see and believe. What I’d give to wake up to such a world of fairness and certainty of my survival and my children’s survival.

But it doesn’t have to be a dream and all it begins with our actions today. Environmental Activism is not a part time job. Breaking it down an activist is basically an active citizen who is actively involved in the country’s development agenda.  The first step is being aware of what’s going around in the environment. No turning a blind eye to a dumpsite or dripping water from a tap or unnecessary usage of electricity.

In the race to save our planet, passivity is highly discouraged. What some may refer to as lunacy, we refer to as a necessity to conserve our environment and assure our future on earth.

Our goal in this maPICTORIALSgazine is to inspire as well challenge you to start being active on issues environment. The second and most important step is to take action no matter how small. If you think you are too small to make a difference in this world try sleeping with a mosquito inside a net.