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Scientists the world over have been tagged various names, some being boring others workaholics and yet others have labeled them unfriendly. To certainty some may be true but not in that light. The aspects chosen indeed give the everyday scientist locked in labs, carrying out experiments and discovering new things to help the world at large. Fortunately scientists do have a sense of humanity and we need to culture that so that as students we do not limit and shut out the possibility of a whole new existence for scientists.

This was the first of its kind, a platform for Biochemistry students to meet professionals in the field and get a feel of how it is to relate, get an opportunity to reflect upon their choices and above all to have the courage to stay motivated. It was an event that wound a collaboration between two well-known universities in Nairobi; University of Nairobi and Jommo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

The conference was themed, Developing Professionalism and Networking in the Field of Science, with the aim of tackling both issues from a professional point of view and creating the need for students to stay motivated in their choices and life inĀ  general. there were various speakers each full of words of wisdom and yet still centered in the field of science




A group pf young scientist with a vision, mission and strong values to revolutionize the scientific- and more so the Biochemistry- industry.

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