As Nairobi University Biochemistry Students Association (NUBSA), our collective quest is to become an association well known throughout the University of Nairobi fraternity for its superb organization in running the day to day events of its members and students
affairs at large.
We do realize that our education is the best opportunity for a brighter future, the pursuit
of happiness, for learning and realizing our self importance and service to the community. This is our mission and our belief at NUBSA. An association that aims to bridge the gap between students and the University management to ensure that those opportunities are not lost. We aim to nurture and provide an understanding between lecturers and students, to offer open communication channels through which matters can be discussed in an open forum to avoid conflict. By so doing, we aim to provide the best opportunities for a happy and successful life through organized fairs and tours with prospective companies and possible employers.
We strive to do our best and act as one family. Our strength as an association lies in our
harmonious effort to continuously work with our lecturers to ensure all matters
pertaining to students’ affairs are addressed  efficiently and in due course. With our Mission and Core Values, we will ensure that every student achieves academic growth as well as personal growth. We are proud to proclaim that we are the best
run organization and we want to inspire and prepare you to make a difference.
We welcome you to join us in the journey ahead.

Kind regards

Eva Otwoma

Chairperson, NUBSA

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