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Nairobi University Meteorological Association, is an association that brings together undergraduate, post- graduates and masters  students of Meteorology and applied Meteorology and other persons interested in the field of Meteorology.


There are three categories in which membership shall be acquired;

Ordinary membership

This shall be open to any student studying meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences including undergraduate and postgraduate students at the university of Nairobi who shall attain membership upon payment of registration fee as shall be decided upon from time to time.

Associate membership

This shall include students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree but have interest in Meteorological science in the University of Nairobi,or persons holding meteorological qualifications and are currently not students of the University of Nairobi.These shall attain membership upon payment of registration feeas shall be decided upon from time to time.

Honorary membership

The persons under this section shall be invited through a resolution passed during S.G.M or A.G.M of which in the opinion of members the person(s) has/have rendered distinguishable contribution to the association/department of meteorology. Any person who upon satisfaction is a former member of the association and is currently not a student in department of meteorology, had good reputation, shall be vetted upon by the executive preceding application subject to approval by not less than two thirds of members present during S.G.M or A.G.M in which the subject is to be resolved provided such a meeting is in line with the constitution.

Entrance and Annual Subscription

There shall be entrance fees otherwise termed herein as registration fees and annual subscription referred to as renewal fee with respect to category of membership, Ordinary members-150/=, Associate members-200/= Honorary members -300/=. There will be annual subscriptions payable by members of the association, Ordinary members – 100/= ,Associate members – 150/=, honorary members – 200/= .