CBPS MEGA LEADERSHIP FORUM 23RD at 2.00-4.00p.m was the day when the mighty debate rolled on The debate included those aspiring for ONUSS chairperson positions and Secretary general,Sonu campus representatives were also debated. The topics grilled upon included leadership as a whole, finances and managerial strategies, Vision and competency to handle situations by making hard but correct decisions. Dr. Solomon Deresse from the department of Chemistry commented on the need of student leaders to be all round and lead in every field including academics. He appreciated the organizers and thanked the outgoing chairman Mr.Japheth Odera for a work well done during his reign in office.The Assistant Dean of students Mrs Lucy together with the student counselor Mrs Lucy Kamau were also present and wished the outgoing onuss officials well as they leave the office. On his closing remarks the ONUSS icon and pace setter Mr. Japheth Odera wished all the candidates all the best, thanking the CBPS administration and fellow ONUSS outgoing committee for a job well done.

The long awaited leadership debate is now here with us.Leadership with intergrity.Lets meet at SOB1 from 2.00p.m to 4.00p.m


friday 4th march 2016 kicked of in style with Onuss introducing a college cultural day.The epitome of the cultural day was the usual annual beauty contest that saw various students compete for the prestigious title and crown.All day long students were dressed in best traditional attires they could come across and the view of classes resembled the era slightly after colonialism.




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Mr n Miss chiromo after visiting onuss office yesterday.They are planning on the upcoming beauty contest.Far left is Henry 2nd runners up Mr chiromo 15/16, Onuss chairman japheth odera,Cindy wanjiku 2nd runners up Miss Chiromo 15/16,nessy wangari onuss vice chairlady and Ben Mungai Mr Chiromo 15/16




On 24th June,2015,the President of the United States of America, His excellency Barrack Obama visited Kenya.ONUSS officials led by their diligent chairman Mr.Japheth Odera were among the few students who attended the morning address by the U.S president at MOI SPORTS CENTRE KASARANI GYMNASIUM. Mr Japheth Odera alongside other officials had a rare opportunity and shook the U.S Presidents hand.He was later on top of Kenyan newspapers the next day as the news reporters capitalized on his mighty smile.
The U.S president gave the Kenyan youths hope as he talked about his personal story and Kenyan roots.The role of the youths in the Kenyan society is vital. He also addressed corruption in the country and gender based violence.




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Diligence, working smart and remaining focused to your goals constituted the speech produced by the onuss chairman to the 1st years during the principals address on September 16 2015 in millennium hall 1.Besides him is the SONU campus representative Mr. Ronald Dianga who also talked about dignity and the importance of living by Gods commandments.
CBPS principal Prof. B.O Aduda welcomed the 1st years to the college.

Below is the speech by the ONUSS Chairman:

The DVC academic affairs Prof;Mutoro, the principal College of Biological and Physical Sciences Prof: B Aduda, Dean School of Physical Sciences Prof C.Nyamai, Director School of Biological Sciences,Director halls of residence,directors of ICT,UON health service, chairpersons all department and our chief guests 2015 young youths the 2015 1st years Good morning. ‘Mko vepe wasee?’
Yesterday at the orientation table I was approached by a small dark complexation boy averagely 17years of age and there he went “niaje mguyz registration yah hii stuff inaduiwa wapi?nmecome na muantis wa mine na anadai nidu mtu solo.Nidunge madigits za kwako ntakuvutia wire nkimada”I had to surrender to that and gave him my card.Oooh I didn’t mean “Mollis nmesalenda”
Welcome to the college of Biological and physical sciences in Chiromo.Only three years ago,my friends and I sat on the same seats you are in today and listened to the welcoming remarks.To tell you the truth I don’t remember a word of what they said. Nevertheless, I knew I had made the right choice.
I encourage you to take chances, to stretch yourselves and try things that may seem beyond your reach. Don’t just sit back and absorb, be an active participant in your education. Ask questions, probe for answers. I love the way the way in which you are filled with hope and dreams and determination. I love the beauty and serene environment of Chiromo campus. You are going to be taught by the best lecturers in Africa. Don’t give up on your dreams.
For ladies (and of course men), the level of your cleanliness is measured by your dignity. Guard it at all costs. Three weeks ago on a Friday night at around 1 p.m, I was trying to research on the effects of tribalism. I was watching the Rwanda’s genocide documentary. Then I heard knocks and screams at my door. I opened the door only to find a third year lady lying down in tears claiming that she had been raped at the junction opposite the morgue. I stopped what I was doing, called some of my friends and took her to the health facility. As we were trying to help her several questions ran in our minds for instance, At 1a.m in the night what was the lady doing in town? Why did she alight along riverside drive at that hour of the night owing to the dangerous realities that face the road past 8p.m?if she resides in upper state house hostels why did she decide to use the Chiromo route? She answered all this questions to the nurse saying she needed to walk at night and get fresh air.
Men lower your dignity and you find no serious girl no matter how handsome you are, vise versa applies to the ladies unless the numerous bad boys who will capitalize on your situation.
ONUSS is the umbrella body of all science students. It is a professional organization that constitutes all the departmental clubs,its offices are located at CEBIB building. As the Onuss chair my office is open to each and every one of you.You can reach me in writing, by word of mouth and any other professional way.My work is to serve you.
I thank the school administration for believing in our leadership. We endevour to deliver to the best of our abilities in seeing to it that there is a transformational change in student leadership.
Thank you



Kawangware –Gatina cleaning programme took place on 8th august 2015.It being part of giving back to the community and appreciating natural resources.
60 students from the college led by the onuss chairman Mr,JAPHETH ODERA assembled at 8.am and left for the cleaning.The exercise took half a day and getting appreciations from the locals increased the students morale.The county government of Nairobi provided a truck that was used to collect the gabbage after the cleaning
The local residents and the CBPS administration were greatfull and the entire ONUSS fraternity are thankfull for that.


IMG_20150710_121151CBPS inhouse forum was a successfull event


Meeting was held at the SWA cafeteria Chiromo aiming at forstering unity among CBPS clubs and coorperation between the first years and ONUSS officials